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Founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri, InterServer is a New Jersey-based company that’s been in the game since 1999.

Initially launching as a virtual hosting account re-seller, the hosting provider has grown over the past 22 years and now operates two data centers in New Jersey and is in the process of expanding to additional locations, including Los Angeles.

Self-deemed (and widely proven) a budget-friendly provider, InterServer specializes in various types of web hosting including shared, VPS, and dedicated and co-location solutions.

  • Headquarter: Secaucus, New Jersey
  • Established: 1999
  • Services: Shared, VPS, dedicated, and co-location hosting

InterServer Hosting Plans

With InterServer you’ll find a variety of hosting options to choose from, including shared, VPS, and dedicated plans, as well as colocation services if you prefer to own your physical infrastructure.

All of InterServer’s plans come with an extensive suite of features that make creating and maintaining your website and an online presence easy.

As a full-service web hosting provider, InterServer provides the following types of web hosting:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Colocation Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Quick Servers Hosting
  • Custom Hosting

Two of the most popular types of hosting offered by Interserver are Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting.

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Shared Hosting Plans

The InterServer shared hosting plan is a budget-friendly option, starting from $2.50 per month and renews at $7 per month.

The service includes a wealth of handy features, including one-click installs, 24/7 customer support, a free migration service, SitePad site builder, “unlimited” features (more on that later), and more.

I think, Interserver shared hosting is affordable and reasonable priced, reliable (uptime above 99.95% consistently), and also flexible (you can upgrade to VPS and dedicated server later).

Features of Shared Hosting Plans

Regardless of which plan you choose, InterServer offers the following standard features:

  • Free site migration from your current host to InterServer
  • Registration/transfer of your domain for $1.99 with the purchase of any web hosting package
  • 24/7 support from their team located in New Jersey via e-mail, live chat, or phone
  • Easy-to-use control panels (cPanel for Linux users, Plesk for Windows)
  • High-quality physical infrastructure managed directly by InterServer
  • A 50% cap on server capacity, which prevents performance issues if traffic levels spike
  • Free backups
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Easy one-click install for 381 programs including WordPress, Drupal, and Magento.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

Is It Actually Unlimited?

With InterServer shared plans, unlimited actually means unlimited. How can they offer this promise? Behind the scenes, they limit all their servers to run at 50% of the hardware’s capacity.

You’ll never max it out because when capacity starts creeping over the halfway mark, InterServer beefs up the server with more resources.

They also make it very easy to upgrade to VPS/dedicated hosting as you grow. They also promise that there won’t be any downtime for your site during the transition.

All InterServer plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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VPS Hosting Plans

InterServer offers a variety of VPS and cloud hosting plans to provide the flexibility and scalability its clients are looking for.

Linux cloud VPS begins at $6 per month, while Windows cloud VPS starts at $10 per month. Both offer a variety of options, based on your needs for CPU cores, memory, storage, and transfer caps.

FeaturesLinux Plan #1Linux Plan #3Windows Plan #1Windows Plan #3
CPU Cores1313
Memory2048 MB6144 MB2048 MB6144 MB
SSD Storage30 GB90 GB30 GB90 GB
Monthly Data Transfer2 TB3 TB2 TB6 TB
cPanelAdd $15/moAdd $15/moAdd $15/moAdd $15/mo
FantasticoAdd $4/moAdd $4/moAdd $4/moAdd $4/mo
SoftaculousAdd $2/moAdd $2/moAdd $2/moAdd $2/mo
Unique IPAdd $3/moAdd $3/moAdd $3/moAdd $3/mo
Monthly Cost$6/mo$18/mo$10/mo$30/mo


Who should use InterServer hosting?

InterServer shared hosting is good for small businesses and individual bloggers who want a cheap hosting solution.

Although InterServer does increase their price during renewal, the features they offer are a great bargain.

InterServer VPS, on the other hand, is a great solution for advanced users who are not afraid of handling their own server.

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