You can now pin messages on WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp, the Meta-owned most used IM app on the planet, has just rolled out significant updates, introducing a noteworthy feature in the form of ‘Pin Messages.’

The new standout addition to WhatsApp’s repertoire is the ability for users to ‘Pin Messages’ within both individual and group conversations. This feature expands beyond the previous limitation of pinning only one chat at a time, now allowing users to pin various content types, including text, polls, images, and emojis.

WhatsApp users can easily pin a chat by engaging in a long press on a conversation and selecting the “Pin” option from the menu. What sets this feature apart is the flexibility it offers in choosing the duration of pinned messages. Users can opt for durations ranging from 24 hours, the default 7 days, and even 30 days, tailoring their chat environment according to their specific needs. In case of pinned messages in group chats, group admins can choose whether admins or group members will be able to pin a message.

This newfound capability proves especially valuable in practical scenarios. For instance, users attending a friend’s event for the first time can pin the address atop the chat for easy accessibility. In group settings, administrators can utilize pinned messages to convey essential information about events, rules, or critical updates. This can lead to more organized and streamlined communication within communities, organizations, or social circles. WhatsApp’s introduction of pinned messages aligns with features already present in competing platforms such as Telegram and iMessage. By allowing the pinning of various content types for specific durations, WhatsApp introduces a new level of customization. Users can now curate their conversations, ensuring that critical information remains easily accessible.

In similar news, WhatsApp is bringing another feature for its users – Check Connection Health during Video Calls.’ Users engaged in video calls can now assess the quality of their connection in real-time. By performing a long press on their tile during a video call, participants gain instant insights into the health of their video call connection. This feature empowers users to address connectivity issues promptly, ensuring a seamless communication experience.


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