Mozilla brings over 450 new extensions to Firefox for Android

Mozilla has unveiled a substantial upgrade for mobile users by introducing over 450 new extensions, also known as browser add-ons, accessible on Mozilla’s Firefox Browser Add-ons page. This move aims to address a long-standing concern for Firefox for Android users and positions the browser as a more versatile and personalized option.

“Extensions were first created as a way for people to customize their own internet experience, from artists designing themes to developers who wanted to make extensions to improve people’s web experience,” said Vicky Chin, Vice President of Engineering at Firefox, according to an official blog post by Mozilla. “We’re thrilled to bring this experience to Firefox for Android, where we’re the only major Android browser to support an open extension ecosystem. In the coming months, we plan to enable more extensions for people to choose from and customize their own mobile internet experience.”

This development has been overdue for a long time, given that Mozilla’s Firefox for Android has grappled with the absence of a diverse extension ecosystem since its last major overhaul in 2020. The introduction of the “GeckoView” browser engine prompted Mozilla to limit supported extensions to those within the “Recommended Extensions” program. This decision then expedited the adoption of the revamped browser but curtailed the expansive development of extensions, limiting opportunities for software developers.

And earlier in August, the company revealed that it had completed the infrastructure necessary to reintroduce an open extension ecosystem to Firefox for Android. Subsequent testing phases paved the way for the availability of over 450 extensions to the Android browser, marking a significant stride in Firefox’s evolution on the mobile platform. The launch of these new extensions marks the beginning of a new era for Firefox for Android users, allowing developers to create novel browsing experiences and features.

Mozilla has curated a selection of extensions aimed at enhancing the mobile browsing experience. Noteworthy extensions include “Midnight Lizard,” offering customizable page colors and brightness adjustments, and “Dark Background and Light Text,” catering to users who prefer dark mode. Additionally, “Worldwide Radio” enables users to access over 50,000 radio stations worldwide directly from the Firefox for Android browser. Acknowledging the diverse ways users engage with their mobile devices, Mozilla has chosen extensions that simplify and elevate the browsing experience. These extensions cater to users seeking readability, simplicity, and entertainment.


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