Microsoft partners with Suno to provide AI-generated music via Copilot

AI generated music could soon be mainstream. Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot ‘Copilot’, has now collaborated with AI music startup Suno. This partnership introduces a novel avenue for users to effortlessly craft original songs through Suno’s platform and Microsoft’s Copilot, based on — you guessed it — any text prompt.

“We are excited to share that that we have partnered with Suno, a leader in artificial intelligence-based music creation to bring their capabilities to Microsoft Copilot. Through this partnership, people will have at their fingertips the ability, regardless of musical background, to create fun, clever, and personalized songs with a simple prompt. Suno has been a leader in AI music technology, pioneering the ability to generate complete songs—lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices—from a single sentence,” Microsoft noted in an official blog post.

The collaborative venture enables Copilot users to initiate the music creation process with a simple text prompt. Examples include prompts like “create a folk song about Alaska summers” or “write a song about cats in the style of Cat Power.” Upon entering these prompts into Copilot, Suno takes charge and uses its technology to generate musical compositions (including lyrics, instruments, and vocals) spanning one to two minutes, complete with a transcript of the lyrics. Microsoft noted that this feature will be rolling out to users from today, and will gain traction in the coming weeks. Once this rolls out, users, regardless of musical background, to generate personalized songs.

This integration serves to empower Copilot users, offering them access to Suno’s innovative capabilities. By incorporating the Suno plug-in, users can effortlessly transform plain text prompts into fully realized, original musical compositions. Suno is a worthy partner in this endeavour, given that it has already garnered attention for its Discord tool, which is designed to facilitate the composition of original songs complete with lyrics based on text prompts. The collaboration with Copilot extends this capability to a wider user base. The process involves users signing in with their Microsoft Account, enabling the Suno plug-in, or initiating the music creation process by clicking on the designated logo. Once this is done, users need to ask Copilot to create a song by providing a prompt.

Suno’s entry into the realm of AI music composition positions it alongside industry giants exploring generative AI. Notable competitors include Meta’s open-source AudioCraft and Google’s YouTube tool, both delving into AI-generated music based on text prompts. The landscape further features emerging AI music startups such as Soundful, Magenta, Beatbox, Soundraw, Loudly, Boomy, and While Suno provides users with the ability to create AI-generated music, certain usage restrictions accompany the platform. Free users are restricted from monetizing songs on platforms like YouTube or Spotify, with commercial rights exclusively granted to paid users. It’s crucial to note that Suno retains ownership of songs generated by free users, prompting discussions around copyright, originality, and the ethical dimensions of AI music creation.


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