Microsoft joins OpenAI’s board as a non-voting observer

Marking an epilogue to the tumultuous OpenAI-Sam Altman saga, tech behemoth Microsoft will now — quite prophetically — be joining OpenAI’s board of directors as a non-voting observer. This development comes on the heels of Sam Altman’s reinstatement to the post of CEO of OpenAI.

Altman, following his return to the AI firm, disclosed the development on Wednesday in a blog post. In the blog post, Altman wrote, “have never been more excited about the future,” adding that he is “extremely grateful for everyone’s hard work in an unclear and unprecedented situation.”

Now that Microsoft has been added as a non-voting observer to OpenAI’s board, the company will be able to have more visibility into the company’s inner workings. However, it will not have an official vote in big decisions, such as director elections, and continue to be a non-intrusive but influential participant.

Microsoft’s move to join OpenAI as an observer on the board of directors – after several of the previous members of the board has left – reflects an awareness of the important of corporate governance in the rapidly-evolving AI landscape. It also aligns with previous statements of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -after Altman had been surprisingly ousted as CEO earlier this month – at that time, Nadella noted that there is a need for governance changes within the AI firm.

Some of the more familiar names to return to the board include Mira Murati and Greg Brockman. Mirati had been named the interim CEO following Altman’s ouster, and following his return, has returned to the former post of the company’s CTO. Another returning face is OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman, who will once more take up the post of the company’s president after he quit in protest over Altman’s firing.


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