Apple introduces new security update to curb iPhone data thefts

Apple has long being known to be a security bulwark in the consumer devices space, specially with rampant hacks on other OSes. However, hackers and outright thieves have increasingly found ways to penetrate Apple’s otherwise strong user security protocols. With an increase in such cases, Apple introduced a set of rapid ‘Security updates’ that are sent across devices as soon as Apple devs plug a critical security loophole.

One such loophole found to be in rampant use recently, was thieves’ ability to compromise user accounts, pilfer saved passwords, drain funds, and even lock users out of their digital devices upon theft, including services such as iCloud, an Apple-owned cloud service. This meant users being unable to access data across devices, since iCloud accounts link all devices together.

To overcome this, Apple is rolling out a new iOS feature known as Stolen Device Protection. The security measure is aimed at thwarting these vulnerabilities in iPhones that are targeted by thieves.

The Stolen Device Protection setting is designed to prevent thieves from having their way with the user’s data. As of now, the new feature is only being released to beta testers, according to a report by WSJ. Anyone with an Apple Device can register for the Apple Beta Software program to receive beta versions and try out the most recent features and then provide Apple with feedback regarding the feature.

The upcoming security system is set to be included in a scheduled software update. However, users will be required to turn on the setting manually to activate it. It is also important for users to note that although this is Apple’s initiative towards fortifying their security system, it doesn’t mean that all potential threats to an iPhone user’s personal and financial information are covered. It only covers the issues that have arisen because of the current break-ins and the exploitation of vulnerabilities within the system.


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