Top 3 Ways You Use Solar Power

Solar power involves harvesting energy from the sun, the wind and the water to produce electricity. This electricity is valuable because once the conversion devise is installed it is the cheapest and most renewable resource for lighting, heating, and power supply.

Of course you know that solar power is one of this planet’s most valuable renewable resources aside from water and wind use.

It includes the process of harvesting the suns energy, heat, and converting it into electricity. Solar energy plants across the country and the world use mirrors or lenses to concentrate a field of strong sunlight into a single beam.

Residential or commercial uses have smaller and simpler conversion processes. From there the heat can be converted to electricity by one of two methods known as photovoltaics, which is a direct conversion, or concentrated solar power, for various storage and use.

If you don’t live in an area of harsh winter weather then there are space heaters; faux plug in fire places and insulation solutions that can cut costs during those months of the year.

Yet, as summer grows near there is serious trepidation about how to cool one’s home during an unpredictable season. Depending on where you live, you could have a mild summer, but with the aggressiveness of global warming, its not so easy to tell how hot it is going to get.

You can’t just run out and get a new air conditioning, ventilation and duct work system to accommodate half of the year, you need something that will last and not cause you any more costly headaches.

As the cost of non-renewable resources reach an all time high, the implementation of more accessible and cost effective measures are paramount. Solar power has already shown that it has the potential to drastically make lives less wasteful and most energy efficient throughout the life of its use in any size space.

Solar power can be used in many effective ways in your life each day. First, it can be used to purify water and to heat water for a commercial or residential space.

Second, it can also be used for heating air during cooler months. Third, it can be used for electricity for cooking, lighting and other indoor energy sources.

Solar energy can be converted electricity and used to perform various tasks by absorbing sunlight or wind power during daylight and peak windy hours and storing it for use twenty-four hours a day.

Solar power is an essential part of growing lifestyles of energy efficiency. Families, companies, and public spaces are realizing the benefits in small and large ways. Wherever possible it can save money and resources to utilize the best energy that is all around.

by Anders Abadie from articlesfactory

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