What is a CCTV Security Camera System?

Are you interested in setting up a security system in your home or business but not sure which camera to get? Here’s one article that you absolutely must read before heading to the shopping sites!

Nowadays, there’s a myriad of security systems available on the market, including several that are completely enclosed in the way they send their video signals and then in the way of signals are viewed.

One such system, which is very popular in areas like banks, casinos and airports, where close surveillance is deemed necessary, is the CCTV or “Closed-circuit Television” security camera system.

Basically, CCTV consists of the use of specialized video cameras that transmit a television signal to a specific location, which makes use of a limited set of monitors.

This specific system is not what we would think of as “broadcast television” because the signal isn’t openly transmitted and available to just any television receiver in the general area.

There are upgraded and modernized versions coming online these days which make use of digital video recorders (DVRs), but it’s usually still the case that more traditional forms of CCTV security systems are in wide use.

Some systems – in fact, the majority of the systems – are wired, meaning that the signal will travel along a series of cables from camera to camera and monitor to monitor.

There are, of course, wireless systems that employ what are known as “point to point” transmission, going from one camera, to a monitor or from one camera to another camera to a monitor and so forth.

CCTV has been used for years in surveillance systems – especially in the United Kingdom – to keep an eye on the public activities going on in large cities and such.

CCTV systems usually consist of a series of cameras that are either wired or make use of wireless transmission and a bank of monitors that receive the signal and convert them into usable images.

There may be video recorders of some sort and other associated security devices such as facial recognition computers and the like. The system can be extremely complicated or very simple depending on what is required and what is available.

CCTV systems can make for excellent security devices in the home because the cameras employed have wide viewing angle capabilities and they can be powered on a closed loop electrical system separate from the house, meaning that those with bad intent might not be able to so easily prevent the cameras from continuing operations.

Additionally, their signals can be sent off-site to a local security or police department as well.

CCTV systems can also be extremely affordable, with basic packages available for less than 100 USD. These will consist of a single very small camera and a monitor.

The camera can be affixed over a threshold or porch or some other entranceway with a wire running to a monitor that displays the images the camera captures.

Always look for CCTV systems that have some method of protecting their power supply in the event of a power outage or deliberate cutting off power.

Some of the better systems feature auxiliary battery power and high quality digital imaging.

Cameras are more important as a factor when it comes to ensuring durabilityFree Web Content, as they must face a variety of environmental challenges.

Look for those that are sturdily made and then select them in order to make a good home system.

by Rose Lee from articlesfactory

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