Tony’s Fathers Day Message | The Tony Robbins Podcast

In this special VIDEO episode of The Tony Robbins Podcast, you’ll hear from Tony Robbins, his wife Sage Robbins, and podcast host Mary B., as they reflect on the significance of Father’s Day with their new baby and delve deep into the profound difference between being a father and being a dad.

As Tony notes, Fatherhood holds immense importance in society, as it represents one of the most significant roles a person can undertake. While some individuals may have faced challenges in their relationships with their own fathers, others have been fortunate to experience deep and loving connections. Tony takes this opportunity to extend his love and support to all fathers of all kinds, acknowledging the vital role that they play in helping their children grow and thrive, while also touching upon his own personal family history and unique upbringing with multiple fathers. They also get into the impersonal, archetypal father figure and the gifts that masculine energy brings to our lives.

In this heartfelt conversation, Tony, Sage and Mary B. shed light on the complexity and diversity of father-child relationships, recognizing that each person may have their own unique perspective on what it truly means to be a father. They also emphasize the transformative influence fathers can have on their children’s lives — and anyone they choose to coach, care for, and mentor — illustrating the impact a warm, loving father figure. Such fathers provide not only material and emotional support to families but also offer unconditional love, guidance, wisdom, and protection throughout the various stages of a child’s life.

Please enjoy this tribute to fathers everywhere!


00:00 Introduction

00:50 What does it mean to be a father?

01:42 The difference between a father and a dad

03:10 Tony on having multiple fathers

03:57 Mothers playing a role in how fathers are perceived

05:28 Tony on his biological father, John

07:28 Tony on his second father, Art

08:01 Tony on his third father, Bob

08:25 Jim Robbins, the larger-than-life man who adopted Tony

10:43 Our deepest connections aren’t always with biological family

11:42 The meaning of a “warm father”

13:28 Being a father today at 62 versus 24

18:11 Most men are hard on themselves

19:03 Most men never share deeply

19:50 Tony signs off

20:20 Think about YOUR dad, I just talk about mine

20:44 Sage on feeling her father’s presence

22:37 Mother/Father, Yin/Yang, Feminine/Masculine

23:13 Tony Robbins the girl dad

25:10 The beautiful gifts of the masculine

26:51 Sage on her own evolution and integration

28:28 Whose love did you crave?

29:31 The gift of honesty and transparency

31:32 Mary B. on the sudden loss of her father

33:37 Making amends with our parents

34:37 Keeping a deceased parent’s memory alive

35:51 Sage on identity, beliefs, and expectations

37:23 Declaring war on our parents

40:57 Global beliefs like: Men are… Fathers are…

42:45 Different energies and expressions of men

44:26 Sage shares a story of healing

45:42 Happy Father’s Day! Sign off


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