The Power of Reinvention | Caulipower's CEO on Launching a $500M Brand

In this special 3-PART MASTERCLASS, we drop you inside a Tony Robbins Business Mastery seminar to learn HOW TO BUILD A BRAND, SHOWCASE YOUR X FACTOR, and BRING YOUR UNIQUE PRODUCT or SERVICE to a COMPETITIVE MARKET.

In PART ONE, you’ll see Tony Robbins in a one-on-one interview with GAIL BECKER, Founder and CEO of CAULIPOWER, a wildly successful brand that has revolutionized the frozen food market by introducing healthier and innovative alternatives. And the best part – Gail didn’t launch this company until the age of 52.

Becker started her career in public relations, working for prominent media companies such as Warner Bros. and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In 2001, she co-founded “Strategic, Inc.,” which specialized in providing strategic communications and media relations services to clients in the entertainment, media, and consumer sectors.

However, following the death of her father in 2015, Gail needed a change.
Emboldened by her two sons’ diagnosis of Celiac Disease, Gail embarked on a mission to find both healthy and delicious alternatives to gluten-containing foods. She began experimenting with cauliflower as a substitute. After countless trial and error, Gail succeeded in creating a recipe that her family actually adored. It was at this moment that CAULIPOWER was born.

Thanks to Gail’s vision and perseverance, CAULIPOWER has become one of the fastest-growing food companies in the United States — and a $500M brand. Gail has also proven that it’s never too late to become a successful entrepreneur.


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00:18 Introduction to Gail Becker

01:39 Three factors inspired change

03:52 The evolution of Caulipower

04:57 It’s never too late to bet on yourself

06:09 Recognizing the moment it clicked

09:38 Move fast when first to market

11:33 Consumers demand quality

14:00 Connect with the people using your product

15:38 Break rules for success

17:50 Hire people who know what you don’t

19:15 Reinvention sparks innovation

20:55 Pandemic shifting

25:34 Help people lead healthier lives

26:08 Double down on innovation

26:54 The future of Caulipower

28:20 Lessons her sons learned

29:50 Sign off

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