My Star Performer Just Entered the Portal (Maxwell Leadership Executive Podcast)

In college football, any player at any time may declare they would like to enter the transfer portal to transfer to another school and play football there. What if you, as a leader, had to worry about the people on your team declaring they were entering the portal? Oh yeah, you do! Your top performers can resign at any time and join another organization. How should leaders engage with top performers to ensure they stay with your organization?

Harvard Business Review says, if your young stars are anything like those at the companies they’ve studied:
– 25% intends to leave your employ within the year.
– Over 30% admits to not putting all his effort into his job.
– 20% believes their personal aspirations are quite different from what the organization has planned for them.
– 40% have little confidence in their coworkers and even less confidence in the senior team.

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