Embrace Happiness With Sister Shivani | The Tony Robbins Podcast

Tis’ the season to assess the year gone by and reflect on our learnings and lessons. Want to take it a step further? This interview with Sister Shivani offers action steps and powerful incantations that go to work deep in our subconscious mind to help strengthen our emotional immune system, clear karmic accounts through forgiveness, and even help shift the collective consciousness.

For over 25 years, BK Shivani has been a practitioner and a teacher of Rajyoga Meditation — the heart of the teachings of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization. In 2019, Sister Shivani was awarded the highest civilian honor for women in India, the prestigious Nari Shakti Puraskaar, for her role in transforming human behaviors.

To share in the power of Sister Shivani’s global message of love, healing, personal responsibility, and transformation, Sage and Tony Robbins would like to gift you this special moment shared from a 2022 private event with their Platinum Partners in Mexico. We hope this message is one you’ll share with your family and friends this season. And one you’ll carry with you into the New Year and beyond.

Blessings & Happy Holidays from Tony, Sage & Team Tony!


00:16 Tony Intro

01:25 Creating a shift from within

04:05 Moment of silence / Guided affirmations

10:06 Go from a life of blame to that of personal responsibility

11:43 Be the creator of your thoughts and feelings

13:32 Shifting your language

15:18 Stress = Pressure / Resilience

17:27 Happiness means emotional independence

18:45 Sister Shivani recounts a story of an emotional breakthrough / healing

22:55 Sister Shivani on forgiveness

26:52 Releasing emotional wounds

29:50 Understanding the journey of the soul

34:34 Everything is predestined

35:44 Happiness means to be a giver

37:16 Forgiveness means changing present karma

38:26 Affirmations for simple healing and releasing

44:11 Clean the clutter of the mind everyday

46:08 Question from Tony: Would you share with us how you came to these truths?

48:07 Question from Sage: With regards to affirmations, what do you recommend if someone is stuck in a state of emotion?

57:12 Question from Sage: How can we connect in oneness with those we lost?

01:03:16 Question from Emma: What are your thoughts on enlightenment?

01:05:14 Question from Berenice: How do you deal with family members with negative energy?

01:08:33 Question from Guest: How do I know when I am purifying my energy instead of just being numb to emotion?

01:17:11 Question from Adam: When it comes to addiction, how do you break people from denial?

01:26:44 Question from Jack: Can you elaborate on the experience of death for the one that passes?

01:31:18 Question from Christian: Do you recommend some form of pre-framing for parents? And when in a child’s life would you introduce it?

01:39:12 Sign off

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