Brief Analysis of Cell Phone Radiation

The effect mobile phone radiation has on human health is the subject of recent interest and study, as a result of the enormous increase in mobile phone usage throughout the world.

Electromagnetic radiation is one type of radiation which is generally produced by the cell phones. For the use of the radio frequency these electromagnetic radiation is present in the handsets. Due to he short range of the power the amount of radiation is little small. However, there are ways in which you can decrease the experience to these waves.
The health risks:In spite of widespread investigate on the subject, there has been no sure proof that using a cell phone reasons long term damaging effects in humans.

Studies have shown that disclosure to the RF waves discharge from mobiles can cause:

1. It can increase the blood pressure at the moment of use, when we stop using the cell phones then our blood pressure come to the normal position.

2. You can easily have the mild tiredness and the brain warming.

By all these effects it is truthfully extreme that exposure of radio frequency waves causes the lots of health risks.
Mobile phone antennas and base stations:A lot of arguments have taken place about the cell phone antennas, radio antennas and their secretion causing leukemia and many other diseases. Few facts about the levels of energy communication from handsets antennas are mentioned below.

1. To get an amount of radiation measured unsafe from a cell phone transmission antenna you must not have to touch it again and again.

2. Radiation radically and quickly reduces as you move away from the mast – 10 meters.

Reduce exposure:To reduce the range of the radiation takes the following tips.

  • 98% of the electromagnetic radiation can be reduced by using the cell phones 20 cm away from your head.
  • To decrease the emission of radiation in brain you must use the hand free headsets.
  • Avoid chatting to your friends or to any other person for hours. It may cause the problem in your ear as well as in your brain.
  • There are few gadgets which are now available in the market which will help you to get rid by these radiation.
  • Apart from this you must take care of few things always try to keep your cell phones away from the children. It is because they are developing their brain at this age. This radiation will affect them three times more then they effect to the adult.

This is all about the radiation and its effect on the health of the usersFree Reprint Articles, I hope after reading this article you will surely follow the precautions mentioned above so that you can keep yourself save from these radiation.

by Julian Robert from ArticlesFactory

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