Morning Affirmations for Success | Jack Canfield

Using daily affirmations is a powerful way to reach your full potential and achieve anything you desire! That’s why today, I discuss ways you can gain greater control over your life by using morning affirmations that will help you start your days with greater clarity, focus and intention.

Use my fill-in-the-blank guide to craft your own affirmations and watch how your life will change. Click the link above to download!


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00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Types of affirmations
01:03 – Belief building affirmations
02:14 – Desired results affirmations
04:04 – Potential affirmations to use
04:55 – Creating affirmations
07:32 – Daily routine for affirmations
08:10 – Tips on using morning affirmations
10:07 – Challenge


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