How to choose the right long-term partner

One of the most important decisions you could ever make is the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with. Yes – love is a choice, like any other part of our lives. Yet unlike our careers, our health and even our friendships, we tend to think that love and healthy relationships just happen. We find our soulmate, fall in love and live happily ever after. Right?

This thinking is why so many of us make this decision with blinders on – ignoring some of the most glaring red flags. We feel dazzled and excited. We get caught up in the thrill of falling in love. We overlook red flags that often become very real issues in the relationship, and can lead you down a path of pain, suffering and heartbreak.

In this episode of the Real Breakthrough Series, we’re going back to one of Tony’s most intimate and favorite events, Date With Destiny, where he works with participants on building extraordinary relationships. He shows us why love and passion are not the only things that matter when choosing your partner. Thrill and sensuality are two of the three important keys to passion, but for a successful long-term relationship, you also need shared values and goals.

Thrill and sensuality are intimately related to polarity, or the opposing masculine and feminine energies that give your relationship that “spark,” that powerful connection you feel in the beginning. You can leverage the principle of polarity in your own relationship or to help you find the right partner. It isn’t all you need, however.

In the episode, we’ll hear an example of when great polarity wasn’t enough. Tony talks to a young woman deeply in love with a partner whose goals are not aligned with hers: she wants children, he does not. She knows she needs to end it and find someone who shares her goals, but she is afraid of losing her partner and feels like a failure.

Tony explains why we must make a concerted effort to choose our partners consciously and provides expert tips for choosing a partner in the future. He even suggests the three most critical questions that we must ask ourselves when we are considering this important decision.

While it may not sound particularly romantic, Tony advises that you use the same questions as if you were hiring someone as an employee. You need to discover their goals and values, determine their top needs of the Six Human Needs and then evaluate team fit: if your top two needs are their bottom two needs, it’s not sustainable.

Love is not enough. It’s vital. And it’s what life partnerships are built upon. But in the end, it’s not enough. Because opposites may attract, but it’s those with similarities that bond. And if you want to build a lifetime partnership – you must remember that the right person and the right connection are everything. Attend Date With Destiny to put these strategies into action and transform your ability to find long-term love.

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