The 3 Steps to a Breakthrough | Tony Robbins Podcast

The 3 Steps to a Breakthrough – Tony Robbins Podcast

What area in your life do you want to change? Whether it’s your relationship, career or health, you see the potential for growth but you haven’t acted on it yet. What do you do when you want to take your goal to the next level – but haven’t made it happen? You must experience a breakthrough.

Maybe you’ve been making excuses as to why you’re not working toward your goal, or maybe you’ve been sabotaging yourself. Whatever your reason for stagnating, know that the time for putting things off ends now. There are three main components that will help you push through your barriers: adjusting your strategy, story and state. In this episode of the Tony Robbins podcast, Tony details how to break through and create the quality of life you’ve always wanted by becoming mindful of these three factors in your daily life.

Tony asks, “What makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? What makes some people leaders and others followers? What makes most people talk about a dream and never follow through, and other people kick ass, take names and they find a way to break through – what’s the difference?”

Everyone is born to a different set of circumstances. Some people are part of supportive families while others aren’t. Some people have access to large amounts of money and resources all their lives while others grow up dirt poor. But are these the things that fuel progress and breakthroughs? No. The single most important thing isn’t talent, privilege or resources – it’s hunger. You need to find the hunger inside yourself to achieve your goal.

Many people make great strides in their field in spite of their upbringing or lifestyle. Their hunger propels them to achieve their goals and to make breakthroughs they didn’t previously think were possible. They’re able to evaluate their current strategies and find new ones that work better for their goals. They observe people they admire in their field and mimic their growth strategy to mirror theirs. This can help you make great strides in your progress by learning the recipe for success. A good strategy helps you get the result you want every single time.

A part of the breakthrough process is not buying into the same old story you’ve been told. Did you grow up poor? Because of that, you were told that you would never be able to afford college. But what if you were to discard that narrative and began to believe that you could not only go to college but also be successful in any field of your choosing? When you shift your mindset, you change your story – and that’s how you change your life.

The story you tell yourself keeps you from experiencing pain, but it also limits you from changing your life. By changing your story, you’ll be able to push through the pain and pursue the change you’ve always wanted. You are capable of achieving a breakthrough, meaning you can shape your life in any way you choose. You just have to open yourself up to the possibility of change.

Lastly, what’s your state? People are ruled by their emotions. Once you start letting negative emotions like insecurity or fear take over, you miss out on pushing past your boundaries and working toward a breakthrough. Work to become a master of your feelings, thereby mastering your state. Only when you’re in control of your mindset can you truly be successful.

A new quality of life, where things you thought were possible are now in your reach, is yours when you change your story. A breakthrough is possible if you look inside yourself and find that hunger. Find out how to reach your breakthrough by listening to the podcast in its entirety.

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