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Youth Keynote Speaker Ovidilio David Vásquez is the most relevant speaker for migrant youth, parents, and the teachers who work with them. He was raised as a farm boy in the sugarcane fields of Central America.
Has worked for APPLE, TESLA, SALESFORCE, UBER, AND CRUISE AUTOMATION. The real world experience of a minority in the tech world.

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Ovidilio Vasquez is the truest definition of a bootstrapper. From wielding a machete in the sugarcane fields of Guatemala at the tender age of 14, he emerges today as one of the most sought-after bilingual motivational speakers of our time. His story is unique and is the epitome of the American dream. He arrived in the US in 2006. In 2009, his mother had to return home to care for his dying grandmother. Left alone, with no support, Ovidilio did the only thing he could do—survive. Enrolled in high school during the day and working in warehouses at night, stayed away from drugs, alcohol, and negative influences, he overcame adversity and graduated in 2011. From there, he studied business management at Chabot College, IT in business at Foothill College and landed an internship at Salesforce.

But his crowning glory is that through his heart for children, he was driven to high content motivational speaking and creating Speak Performance International, LLC.

His signature talks are:
“Embracing Change” (for Small Businesses)
“Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World” (for Parents)
“How to Achieve Your Education Goals” (for Migrant Youth)
“How to Adapt to a New Culture & School System” (for Youth)
“How to Understand Migrant Youth” (for School Administrators)
“Attitude is a Choice” + “Change is a Gift” (for Youth & Teachers)

From there it was only upward and onward—in September 2014, this awesome speaker and humanitarian became a debut author. His books, THE PARENTING BOOK is poised to be a non-fiction runaway bestseller. It teaches parents how to raise positive kids in a negative world and to help their children overcome adversity through an entrepreneur mindset. PONTE EN MIS ZAPATOS is poised to be a non-fiction runaway bestseller in Spanish. It teaches parents & kids to put themselves on the other person’s shoes and nourish a harmonious relationship. WHO COACHES THE COACH is poised to be a non-fiction runaway bestseller. “QUIEN ENTRENA AL ENTREDADOR?” is poised to be a non-fiction runaway bestseller in Spanish. It teaches coaches & mentors how to build and maintain a vision for success in their role

If you were to ask Ovidilio the secret of his phenomenal success, he’d tell you he had a dream. He had no money, no social security number, no support—but he had a dream…and in accomplishing his dream he’s able to motivate and inspire thousands around the world to achieve their dreams. Ovidilio Vasquez turned a life of lack into a world of abundance because he is unstoppable. In his own words, he shares his unwavering philosophy of life–“It’s not over until you win.” And here, as they say, endeth the lesson!

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