How to Make the Decision to do the Impossible | Tony Robbins Podcast

How to Make the Decision to do the Impossible – Tony Robbins Podcast

The fear of failure affects millions of people around the world – whether they admit it or not! Many people have big dreams, but they fail to act because they’re so afraid of disappointment. In this episode of the Tony Robbins podcast, Tony, Mary Buckheit
and Siri Lindley discuss how to overcome fear of failure to pursue your greatest passion.

Siri Lindley is a top-tier athlete who graduated from Brown University. After playing three collegiate sports, she graduated and became the number one triathlete on the planet.

Top athletes can be a prime example of overcoming fear of failure. Olympians decide from a young age that they are willing to compete with people from across the globe to be the best in their sport. What drives these people to pursue excellence? What’s their mindset like? Whether you’re an athlete or a business owner, you have to learn how to overcome failure. Because no matter what, you will fail. You might fail hundreds of times. But the failures don’t matter. Instead, it’s how you react to these failures. Whether you move forward or not after a great disappointment is what defines you in your field.

So how do you go from taking a seemingly impossible goal and making it real? Whether you’re applying this to your personal or professional life, you will learn how to build sustainable success in anything you pursue.

Like many people, Siri doubted herself. She didn’t know what she was capable of after graduating college. She felt alone without a team. After learning about triathlons, she immediately knew she would take part in this incredible challenge. Although she was in pique physical shape, she didn’t have much experience swimming but she didn’t let that deter her interest in the event.

Siri’s dreams were monumental. Initially, her training wasn’t promising, but she still told her friends and family that she wanted to become the best triathlete in the world. She experienced bitter failure the first few races she took part in. But what makes Siri different than the other competitors that failed that day? She persisted.

Even though she didn’t win those first few races, she recognized the hunger that triathlons brought out in her. She was excited to try again and would do anything to make it happen. Siri recognized that she never wanted anything more in her entire life. Although she was a terrible competitor at first, she was willing to put in the work it took to become an incredible triathlete.

The single most important ingredient for success is hunger. Overcoming failure is an essential skill you’ll need to learn on your path to success. And if you’re like Siri and have a huge hunger for your passion, you’ll recognize that fear of failure is not nearly as terrifying as the fear of not trying at all.

To hear the extensive interview with the iconic Siri Lindley, listen to this podcast in its entirety.

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