Amplify Your Strengths | Tony Robbins Podcast

Amplify Your Strengths – Tony Robbins Podcast

When was the last time you spoke in public? Were you able to project confidence and expertise, or did you feel like you were stumbling to present your ideas? Did the presentation achieve the end result you wanted? If you feel like you often fumble and fail to meet your full potential during times of stress, it’s time to learn how to use your strengths instead of falling back on your weaknesses.

In this episode of the Tony Robbins podcast, Todd Herman discusses how to maximize your strengths. As a performance coach and advisor, Todd Herman has worked with entrepreneurs, athletes and powerful brands to help them project their strongest assets.

A large part of Todd’s coaching focuses on alter egos or secret identities. What is an alter ego? According to Todd, your alter ego is the version of yourself you present when you’re maximizing every ounce of your capabilities. For athletes, this means accessing a secret identity that is confident and fearless on the field. Top performers often tap into secret identities in order to get out of their own way. Alter egos can help people who feel like they don’t have the personality they need to succeed in their field become the successful person they envision. By switching gears and stepping into the secret identity you’ve designed for yourself, you’ll instantly feel more confident and capable.

Todd created a five-step process that will help you to harness the strength of your alter ego and to access it consistently.

1. Personal limiter analysis: The process of taking a deep look at yourself. Where are you limiting yourself? How do these limits affect your profession?
2. Talent magnifier: Think of people in your field who you really admire. Why? What traits do they possess that are appealing to you? Which of these qualities can you incorporate into your life?
3. Create a backstory: Humans connect with emotion. Each one of us has a backstory — what’s yours? What led you to this point of your journey and how does it inform your alter ego?
4. Artifact enhancer: What object makes you feel powerful? A pair of glasses, a watch or even a trinket that you keep in your pocket can all connect you to your alter ego. These items can be triggering in a positive way and reconnect you to the reason why you needed your secret identify in the first place.
5. Immersion experience: Step into the altered state that your secret identity lives in. You need to be extremely intentional in who is showing up when your alter ego is required. Evaluate the situation and commit to the persona you’ve created.

Once you’ve created your alter ego and lived with it for a while, you won’t need to go through these steps anymore. You’ll just know when, and why, you need to step into your secret identity. This strategy can help you build a business (and brand identity) by stepping outside of your comfort zone. To learn more about how to create an alter ego, listen to the podcast in its entirety.

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