Talking with Titans | Tony Robbins Podcast

Talking with Titans – Tony Robbins Podcast

In this installment of the podcast, Mary Buckheit and Tony Robbins sit down with Tim Ferriss. Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Workweek was a celebrated bestselling book that focused on one’s mindset and actions regarding work. This interview discusses his new book, Tim Ferris’s Tools of Titans.

Tim Ferris had obsessive compulsive disorder, and he initially used physical exercise to work out his compulsions as a kid. He struggled with OCD and other mental health issues, and has publicly written about his battles with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Although he was undergoing a dark time in his life while attending Princeton University, Tim Ferriss realized his future was in his hands. He decided to veer off his academic path temporarily to pursue different professional endeavors. By delaying his graduation, he sought out a life plan that worked more effectively for him. However, before he left Princeton for his hiatus, he had to deal with lots of red tape from the faculty at his school. This caused him to return to his suicidal thoughts. A chance call from his parents helped change his mind and snap out of his thoughts of self-harm.

It was at that point that Tim Ferriss decided to dive back into the world of athletics, to put some pressure off his mind. He worked to get out of his own head by diving into Asian-inspired kickboxing classes. During this time, he started the practice of “fear-setting,” or writing down the thing that was scaring him at the time. He would list the worst possible outcome of his fears, what he could do to minimize the likelihood of these outcomes and identify what he could do to get back on track if these fears came to fruition.

This exercise showed Tim that he was capable of working past his hang-ups. What’s more, he wanted to include stories of his struggles in his recent book to show others that they’re not alone in experiencing feelings of self-deprecation or thinking about self-harm.

Tony has experienced similar periods in his life in which he felt deeply flawed and unsure of his future. He and Tim discuss strategies to getting back on track and putting energy back into their own improvement, instead of focusing on their shortcomings.

Tim Ferriss encourages listeners to ask themselves, “What’s the worst that could happen?” and “What are the assumptions I’m making, and how can I test them?” By answering these questions, one can often overcome the mental fears and insecurities holding them back. Tim Ferriss says this is crucial to succeeding in any industry.

To learn more about Tim Ferriss’ strategies for success, listen to the podcast in its entirety.

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