Jordan Harbinger on Social Influence | Tony Robbins Podcast

Jordan Harbinger on Social Influence – Tony Robbins Podcast

Do you know what’s at the core of any successful business? Quality relationships. The relationships you build with your employees, coworkers, vendors and clients all impact your company’s success in the long run.

Social capital can become one of the most valuable tools your company offers, as it creates a level of trust, understanding and even loyalty that will allow your business to thrive, even in uncertain times. In short, social capital is power. But how do you build these powerful relationships to help your company thrive? Oftentimes, the answer is as simple as working on your communication — specifically, nonverbal communication skills.

Research suggests that more than 90% of what others interpret from you comes from nonverbal communication. This includes things like making eye contact, how you’re holding your body or crossing your legs. Facial expressions and posture also come into play when looking to explain nonverbal communication.

Human beings make judgments about you right off the bat based on how you present yourself nonverbally — do you walk into a room confidently, or are you hunched over and presenting as insecure? By bolstering our nonverbal communication techniques, we can build trust with colleagues, grab the attention of others during meetings and make lasting connections with those around us.

This episode of the Tony Robbins podcast features Jordan Harbinger, a Wall Street lawyer turned talk show host and entrepreneur. Jordan is renowned for being an expert in social influence. His company, The Art of Charm, hosts seminars for individuals and companies who are looking to present themselves as more confident and charismatic.

During his early professional career, Jordan believed the key to success was working harder than everyone else. He quickly learned that putting in long hours wasn’t enough to create the life he dreamed of — he needed to bolster his communication efforts and build a sizable social network.

After realizing this, he started his business and brought these skills to his new industry. He now works to teach others the power of effective communication. Jordan found that building relationships is the best way to strengthen professional ties and gain momentum in your industry.

Many people might think they don’t have the skills needed to build solid relationships with others. However, Jordan and other leaders in the industry, believe these skills can be learned. There are numerous resources out there for those who feel naturally introverted or even socially awkward. There are ways to leverage your unique communication strengths, which will help benefit your career in the long run.

No matter what level you’re at in your industry, there’s a way to improve your communication skills. By creating a web of social relations, you’re more likely to go further in your professional career.

In this episode of Tony Robbins’ podcast, Jordan Harbinger breaks down the key elements to nail a first impression, the ways in which nonverbal communication comes into play when meeting new people and the things you can do to express authenticity in an interaction.

For more information on how to polish your nonverbal communication skills and expand your social influence, listen to the podcast in its entirety.

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