Transforming Your Company's Culture | Tony Robbins Podcast

Transforming Your Company’s Culture – Tony Robbins Podcast

To become a business owner, not just a business operator, you need to work to create a transformative company culture.

The purpose of a business is to create raving fans, both inside and outside the company. This means that you learn how to change organizational culture in such a way that your employees feel excited to come into the office every day, enabling them to become more passionate about their work. This infectious energy will be apparent to customers and partners of the business, which in turn will cause them to be more enthusiastic about your service or product as well. To do this, you need to identify what the culture is to have an impact, and you need to think about what makes the business and its corporate culture greater than you and your needs.

By changing organizational culture to fit the needs of your staff — and better yet, the needs of a community, larger cause or the planet — will enable you to get your team on board.

Company culture is about more than free food or gym perks. It’s about what the business stands for and how they share their views with others. Your company culture directly impacts your team’s happiness, which affects turnover rate. If your turnover rate is high, you lose momentum when it comes to productivity and therefore limit your success.

This podcast will help you identify how to create a vibrant company culture at your office. Tony Robbins interviews Marissa Levin, CEO of Information Experts. Levin believes that quality culture is a company’s greatest secret weapon in attracting employees and reaching success. In other words, “Culture is king.”

Marissa Levin says that whether you’re intentionally trying to create one or not, your business has a corporate culture that affects how your team feels when they come into the office every day. With this in mind, why not be deliberate in developing a culture that will satisfy your employees and create a better bond among your team?

The core values of the company should be laid out by executives, with input from employees as well. Once core values are in place, every aspect of the company should reflect those values. For instance, if you say that your company values honesty above all else, you should honor this quality when it comes to delivering employee reviews and communicating effectively with clients.

In this engaging podcast, Marissa Levin answers pressing questions about how to identify what type of company culture you want, how to build it effectively and how to maintain the organizational culture as the years go on. Whether you’re heading a small business or a massive corporation, this illuminating podcast provides something useful for each and every leader. Get started by listening today, and begin transforming your company culture tomorrow.

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