From the Vault: Tony Robbins & Deepak Chopra | Tony Robbins Podcast

From the Vault: Tony Robbins & Deepak Chopra – Tony Robbins Podcast

Have you ever wanted to become more aware of your body? Do you long to have a more thorough spiritual connection with your physicality?

As the creator of the Mind-Body Connection, which brings together Eastern healing and thought practices and Western medicinal best practices, Dr. Deepak Chopra has long been an icon for those interested in spiritual health. His work spans across nations and decades, and he’s considered a leader in teaching the fundamentals of what reality is, and understanding what shapes our lives beyond our bodies.

In this podcast, Tony Robbins meets up with Deepak Chopra to discuss his background, work and the mind-body connection. Chopra says that he became interested in his field while teaching medicine at some of the top universities in the nation. Once he began seeing patients during his medical career, he felt that physical treatments were just a fraction of what made people feel well.

Aside from prescribing medicine to people, Chopra thought there was another way to help people feel better, both physically and mentally. People also have to want to change, and they need the resources available to them to do so. Originally from India, Chopra began practicing meditation during the 1980s. This practice has influenced his career and ultimately deepened his connection to the spirit, although he is not a believer in mysticism. Instead, his meditation practices tie in to the belief that the mind and body must be in tune to live a happy and healthy life.

By combining his classic medical training and taking into account spiritual forces that interested him, Deepak Chopra was able to see greater changes in his patients, noting a better overall shift in their physical and mental wellbeing. Chopra’s thinking shifted to believe that the human body has all the tools needed inside it to heal itself, without the aid of prescription medicine.

Deepak Chopra believes that social conditioning leads us to ignore the signs from our bodies that could help us to heal ourselves; instead, we’ve been conditioned to listen to those around us and look outside ourselves for help. The power of belief to change your biochemistry relies on the body affirming positive, healthy statements repeatedly. For instance, if you believe you are healthy, you are more likely to feel that way and feel positively about your body.

Deepak Chopra says that we create the body and mind through which we experience the world, meaning that we are all spiritual beings who are experiencing the world through the physical representation of our bodies. If you can accept this, you can begin to see things more closely to how they really are. There is no such thing as actual reality — there is only our perception of reality. So, if you can become more effective in interpreting your life’s experience, you’ll feel more empowered. This empowerment will not only free your mind, but make your body stronger as well. If you can accept that you are the maker of your own thoughts, and can share this benefit with your physical side, then you are on your way to establishing a sound mind-body connection.

Listen to the rest of the compelling podcast between Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra to learn more about the mind-body connection.

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